Little Reviews of A Good Hiding

Wanted to post some screengrabbed mini-reviews here as not everyone’s comments end up on Goodreads and Amazon. These are some of my favourites. Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to pass on a kind comment. It means the world.

Paul Magrs is one of my favourite writers so it was obviously a giant thrill to have him read and enjoy A Good Hiding.


Anne is (I hope she won’t mind me saying) an older reader and she is an activist and supporter of Integrated Education. She has always been a big encouragement to me and she thinks everyone should read AGH and not just young people 🙂


This is a friend of mine, in disguise as his Twitter account is locked. Nobody will ever know it’s Daíthí.


Órlaith is a young person and I am really delighted to have her review. There is another young-person-named-Orlaith who has written a review on Goodreads and Amazon but this is a different one. Safe to say, if you are a young person named Orlaith you will definitely enjoy A Good Hiding.

I’ve also included a photo of the recent interview in Culturehub magazine because it’s just so pretty. The whole magazine is like that. It’s free and you can pick it up at arts venues around Belfast.


6 thoughts on “Little Reviews of A Good Hiding”

  1. Good reviews because it is such an excellent, singular work. Thanks for including queer voices and for raising so many important issues with such interesting characters.

  2. Shirley, these reviews really would make anyone want to read your new book! I’m particularly impressed by Anne Odling-Smee’s, because I value her opinion. Well done!

  3. Really enjoyed your book Shirley. You described the characters so well that I felt I knew them personally. In the 1960s there were many girls like Nollaig who were pregnant and had no one to help them. You gave her a very strong character and I knew she would survive. The book made me laugh and shed a tear as well. So glad it had such a happy ending. Keep up the good work Shirley as you are an excellent writer.

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