Widows’ Row

My young adult novel, Widows’ Row is finally available in paperback and Kindle! If you’re in the UK you can get it here, and if you’re in America you can get it here. Other non-Amazon-related e-book editions are available here.

I thought I’d blog a bit about the book this morning. It was available in an earlier version a couple of years ago and I know some people will have read that. Since then it has undergone a major redraft and and has a shiny new cover, designed by the wonderful Jonny McEwen, fellow Ikon troubler, who has so many brilliant things to link to I’m not sure which to choose. Here’s his art and here’s his music. In fact, I’ve just decided that this post should have one of Jonny’s tunes as a soundtrack. Press play now:

Widows’ Row is the story of Lila, a 16 year old girl from a small town in Northern Ireland. Lila dreams of a less constricted life, one where she can be who she wants to be and go where she wants to go. She soon finds out that those kinds of dreams aren’t restricted to misfits, when she finds herself pulling the most popular boy in school out of the Irish sea.

Widows’ Row is part ghost story, part love story. It is a story for outsiders, including the secret ones who appear to fit in. It is a story about how we don’t talk about the important things, sometimes out of politeness, sometimes out of fear. It is about diversity and acceptance. Those of you who know Ikon can expect to feel its influence in the story.

You can read the first chapter here.

Last year a couple of Year 10 classes (age 14 in NI) read Widows’ Row and were kind enough to write down their responses for me. Here are some of their comments:

‘I can relate to the characters. I sometimes feel the same way that they do.’

‘I really connected to Lila’s character. I enjoyed the whole book.’

‘It’s an addictive book and amazing. I would really recommend it.’

‘I would definitely recommend this book as it is interesting and not childish. It’s fantastic! I don’t read much but I would read Widows’ Row again.’

‘Shirley McMillan, keep on writing because you’re good at it!’


I hope that you enjoy Widows’ Row as well. If you do then please feel free to leave a review on Amazon. You can find me on my Facebook page for updates about the Kindle edition/ebook, and other places you can buy the paperback. Thanks so much for all your support!