Launch of The Unknowns

Some pics from the launch party for The Unknowns! I was delighted to be able to have the launch in Belfast independent bookstore, No Alibis, on 7th December. When I asked Dave if he had a PA in the store he said ‘Yes. Jimmy Page approved of our system the last time he was in.’ He wasn’t joking. The last time I was in the shop it was to see London’s Night Tzar, Amy Lamé launching her book of LGBT History for young people (it’s brilliant by the way, see here). I had actually forgotten that the sugar skulls in the Unknowns would be reflected in some of the decor in the shop. I really hope people thought I planned it on purpose…

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pic by Stephen Donnan

I was really pleased to have some of my family involved in the party. My lovely teenager, Justin, sang a song by Cavetown to kick things off, and then my sister, Mags, (who is reliably great at appearances like this) read out an email from my brilliant agent, Jenny Savill. I read a piece from the book where the gang disrupts an organised fight by staging an impromptu gig. Then I had the amazing Anto O’Kane, from Tinpot Operation, singing the song which they sing in the book. I am thrilled that Anto gave me permission to use the lyrics to ‘Black Eye’- they are perfect for this section of the story (and for the novel in general). I’ll post a link to the band’s original video at the end of this post.


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pics by Mags White

I am so grateful to No Alibis and to my family for giving The Unknowns a really good beginning. And I’m also really grateful to everyone who showed up. It was a cold night- snowing by the time we left- and it’s Christmas and everyone’s extremely busy. You all rock, and you made me really happy. Thanks.