If you should find one my books which has wandered off, please give it a good home. They do tend to wander.

What to do if you find one of my books in the wild? You don’t have to do anything, but feel free to take it home and read it, or pass it on to someone who might like it. Here are some extra ideas, if, like me, you tend to anthropomorphize books:

For the craic:
Tag me on Instagram: @shirleyannemcmillan or Twitter: @shirleyannemcm and send a pic of yourself (or your partner/dog/favourite stuffed toy) with the book saying where you found it.

If you love the book:
Please write a review online at Amazon. Reviews (good ones anyway!) mean a lot to authors and they’re probably the best thing you can do to support an author other than giving them cakes and cash.

If you really love the book:
And if you can afford it, please consider sending me a donation via my paypal. I do accept cakes as well, but I realise they’re more difficult to send.