Month: March 2016

Making a Youtube Zine Like I’m John Green

I’m so clearly not John Green.

But anyway, this is a video I made earlier today which demonstrates how to make a mini zine/ mini book.

When I think about ‘being a writer’ and having a career in writing and how it basically depends on people reading and liking and buying my books I can panic a little. It has been known. I can freak out, just a tiny bit. Because I’m not John Green. I’m me, and what if nobody likes me? And what if they hate my stories or don’t get them or think that I’m being a knob when I’m trying to be funny? And what if…

You get it- I’m as anxious as anyone who tries to write things.

When that happens I know that I need to listen to Patti Smith and remember who I am- a person who writes- who will most probably always write, no matter what. And what I love about zines is that they are for all writers. All you need is to want to do it, and then you do it and it’s done, and you can do it again. Blogs are great, the internet is great, self-publishing has been a revelation to me and, in between the periods of self-doubt, I am really happy to have a book coming out

But zines are special.

Zines are personally-made. You can leave them places. You can put them into people’s hands. You can write them anonymously and you can be pretty untraceable. You could go out at night and ninja-flyer all the cars in Tesco’s car park with your zines telling people to try the Polish chocolate*. You could take all the stuff you really, really want to say- all the secret things you’re afraid to say out loud…and you could say them…

Or you could just do a random cartoon imagining that you’re Nick Cave’s best friend and chatting on a park bench.

Thank you to the brillaint poet and educationalist, Mandy Coe, who passed this on to me. It makes me so happy to pass it on to other people.

*Really. Try the Polish chocolate. It’s amazing.