Month: May 2015

Nick Cave at Hammersmith Apollo, 2nd May 2015

‘Who are you going to see again?’ my 10yr old asks.

‘Nick Cave.’

‘Is he the one with the massive tache?’


Pic by the remarkable David Boyd

When I go to concerts I love watching the audience. They are mostly made up of very self-conscious people, like me, and maybe that’s partly why the artist appeals. We know we wouldn’t get away with making a spectacle of ourselves like that. Would we?

Towards the end of the concert, I noticed a woman in the disabled area, dancing. There were lots of people dancing, but she was taking up a lot of space- twirling around and giving it the full Kate-Bush-shapes. She was so lovely that I watched her instead of Nick for the whole song. Both of them, fearless in themselves.

This is part of why I love Nick Cave. One of my friend Peterson‘s characters says that there is nothing so beautiful as a person who is unafraid to simply be themselves. I think that for those fans of Nick who struggle with self-consciousness, Nick Cave offers us the possibility of courage, and we can see how lovely it is. In my writing, and my life, I am reaching for that.

This is the song he finished on the other night. ‘If your friends think you should do it different/ And if they think that you should do it the same/ You got to just keep on pushing/ Keep on pushing/ Push the sky away.’