Culture Night Yeow!

It’s Culture Night  in Belfast on Friday night! I *love* Culture Night. It’s like being on the Royal Mile during Edinburgh fringe – it’s noisy and colourful and there’s so much to see, but instead of interesting people selling you tickets to interesting shows, all the brilliant things to see are actually happening then and there, on the street and in the cafes, and they’re all free!  Last year Ikon had a blast as we set ourselves up as un-missionaries in the Cathedral Quarter and invited the public to evangelise us.

This year I’m delighted to be taking part in Culture Night again. The LGBT centre on Waring Street (Cathedral Quarter South, just a few doors up from the Merchant) is inviting people in for tea and coffee, art, music and stories. The wonderful LGBT singers, Quire, are going to be performing and in the middle of everything that’s happening I’m going to be doing some short readings from Widows’ Row at 8pm.

I am so excited to be taking part and reading from Widows’ Row but I wanted to think of a way to engage with people who will be walking through and maybe not wanting to spend too long at each stop, so although I haven’t worked out the final details yet I’m intending to make my readings bite-sized and there will be visuals courtesy of an idea that Peterson had while he was visiting us last week. Here’s where I’m at in preparation:

(Apologies for the poor quality. I have lost the proper camera. This was taken using my phone, which is made by Fisher Price.)

For anyone not familiar with Widows’ Row, it’s a young adult ghost (sort of) story which hangs on ‘outsider’ themes. There are some reviews on Amazon but this is by far my favourite review. It’s Peterson again. I pay him in soup.

Hope to see you there on Friday night! I am on for half an hour from 8pm, but there is plenty to see at the LGBT centre and it’s worth taking the opportunity to look around if you’ve never been in there before. Also want to shout out to my friends at Belfast Feminist Network who are doing feminist fairytales at Cafe Metz on High Street from 6pm- 9.30pmish. If I’m really super organised I’m hoping to write something for that and join them at some stage, but if you’re feeling bewildered by the amount of stuff happening on Friday night then I recommend finding them too.

Yay Culture Night! It’s so worth coming along to. It always makes me feel proud of Belfast and I’m so happy to be doing something in the LGBT centre for the same reason.  We need to feel how good our country can be sometimes 🙂

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