Peterson Toscano in Belfast

Fresh from packed-out shows at Greenbelt festival, Peterson Toscano will be in Belfast very soon, for the first since 2009.

Peterson is a theatrical performance activist using comedy and storytelling to address social justice concerns.  He spent 17 years and over $30,000 on three continents attempting to change and suppress his same-sex orientation and gender differences. Since 2003 he has traveled in North America, Europe, and Africa performing in diverse venues and speaking in the media. He writes and performs plays that explore LGBTQ issues, sexism, racism, violence and gender.

We’re very excited about Peterson’s return to Belfast and this time there are two opportunities to see him perform.

Peterson Uncut‘- On Saturday, 8th September, 8pm, there will be a small house gig featuring the more ‘adult’ side to some of Peterson’s characters. £10 in- numbers strictly limited so please contact @duanalla on twitter, or you can contact me (preferably also on twitter @shirleyannemcm, but if you don’t do twitter just leave a message here on the blog).

An Evening With Peterson ToscanoSunday 9th Septmber, Black Box Belfast, 7.30pm. £10 on the door. Peterson will perform excerpts from several plays plus the full theatrical lecture version of ‘Transfiguations’- a one-man show about transgender bible characters. You can also join the event page for this on Facebook where I’ve posted some links to news articles and videos.

Whichever way you encounter Peterson, you can expect an evening of laughter that will leave you with a lot to think about. He was one of the most popular performers at Greenbelt this year and people generally seem to feel delighted, surprised and blessed by his work. I know I do.

You can read more about Transfigurations here, and I’ll leave you with a clip of Peterson talking about movie night in the Homo No Mo’ Halfway House.

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