What To Do While You’re Waiting For Paradise

In a week’s time I will be waking up thinking about the day and evening before.

In just under a week’s time, on Saturday 25th August, I will be waking up, probably too early, probably feeling a little sick, panicking slightly about the day ahead.

So, Saturday 15th August, at Greenbelt, you will find me at 12.45pm in The Hub, giving my talk (What To Do While You’re Waiting For Paradise) which is about what to do in the space between having written something (like a novel or collection of stories) and waiting to hear from agents or publishers. The talk should appeal to anyone who has not yet published but has that goal, anyone who is a bit interested in self publishing, and anyone who writes but struggles to call themselves a writer.

I will also be talking about my book, Widows’ Row, a young adult novel dealing with outsider issues, religion, sexuality and death (sounds fun, right?!). Recently enjoyed by the beautiful Peterson Toscano, who you should also seek out at Greenbelt!

After I have recovered from doing my first ever Greenbelt talk (it might take a while) I will be appearing at midnight, like a large spooky vampire, in the InSense venue as part of this year’s offering by Ikon, who are appearing simultaneously in two countries. It is probably the most ambitious thing we have attempted, but you’ll forgive us if the teleporter breaks and the world ends, won’t you?

Ikon this year has been officially endorsed by tweeted by the Rev Richard Coles, who I’d also recommend going to hear.

I’m looking forward to being there and to meeting new people and hearing new voices, and voices that I already know and love.

See you there!

I’ll leave you with the song that’s been going round in my head as I’ve been typing this.


  1. This all sounds great, Shirley – wish I could be there! (If you meet a stewart called Sarah Milligan, say ‘Hi,’ for me!)
    I particularly love your title and the nun on the surfboard!

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